Actress Polina Shanina killed himself

Актриса Полина Шанина покончила с собой 30-year-old girl jumped out the window. According to some, Pauline committed suicide, because unable to bear parting with the young man and his death in April 2017. Law enforcement agencies understand what happened.
Актриса Полина Шанина покончила с собой

According to media reports, the body of the actress “Satyricon” Polina saninas found under the Windows of her apartment. 30-year-old girl lived on Novoostankinskaja street in Moscow. Presumably, the artist committed suicide. At the scene working investigative bodies. The incident reasons while are unknown.

As reported by journalists, Pauline could not come to terms with the loss of a loved one who committed suicide in April 2017. By the way, on the personal page saninas social network status: “no One leaves”. The girl was online August 7 in the afternoon.

Shanina born in the town of Mytishchi. The actress loved to travel and was fond of extreme kinds of rest. Seven years ago, Paulina skydiving under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

“StarHit” contacted colleagues and friends of the deceased. The familiar Pauline try not to discuss this topic.

“While there is no information, I’m not going to comment on it in any way,” said Elizabeth Martinez Cardenas, a colleague of Pauline’s performance of “London Show”.
Актриса Полина Шанина покончила с собой

Actress Glafira Tarkhanov, who was familiar with sanonoi, also commented on the message about her death. “Yes, of course I knew her. I’m aware of”, – said the artist.

Later neighbors saninas reported as it happened. “We heard a loud Bang, like the sound of breaking glass, looked out the window and saw a young woman. She hit her head on the curb, felt the pulse, felt two or three strokes and called an ambulance,” said one of the occupants of the house.

Polina Shanina remembered by the audience for his roles in some performances that were on the scene of theatre “the Satyricon”. She graduated from actor’s faculty of School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, and then took her to the theatre. The actress played many roles in different productions: the thief in “Money,” the woman in red in “Taklimakan” and Luke Skywalker in “All shades of blue.” In addition, the actress appeared in the film “Kombinat Nadezhda Director Natalia Mishaninoj. The picture, published in 2014, tells the story of young people who live in Norilsk and believe in the best. Polina played Nadia, the Manager of the taxi service, which forever wants to leave their homes.

According to REN-TV, the circumstances of the tragedy are investigated. In the theater “Satyricon” does not comment on the report about the death of sanonoi.

Актриса Полина Шанина покончила с собой