Actress Olga Kabo revealed the secret of a perfect figure

Актриса Ольга Кабо раскрыла секрет идеальной фигуры

We are accustomed to the fact that foreign stars after 40 look no worse than their younger colleagues.

But it is time to remember that among domestic celebrities many examples of how to take care of, so the others were just jealous.

This excellent example is Olga Kabo.

48-year-old actress, who gave birth at 44 years old their second child, looks incredible. She shared the secret of harmony.

As admitted Cabo to be toned and slender, it is most loads itself physically. Favorites actress are horse riding and Pilates.

Moreover, the complex of physical exercises, developed a century ago, the actress makes the most of it after work — to relax the muscles.

“After a few moments begin to feel every vertebra, every muscle. And after there is a feeling of extraordinary lightness. The body gains suppleness and becomes weightless… After the work day is the best way to relieve fatigue and stress”, — describes the sensations actress.


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