Актриса Олеся Судзиловская впервые после родов блеснула фигурой в бикини

The feast of the Baptism was marked for Olesya Sudzilovskaia joyous event. The actress became a mother for the second time, the light appeared “another man” (as they said 41-year-old star).

Since the birth took place more than six months, but only now Olesya plucked up the courage to once again demonstrate their already tightened the figure after giving birth.

How Sudzilovskaya regaining form, it told its subscribers in Instagram, where we publish photos.

Актриса Олеся Судзиловская впервые после родов блеснула фигурой в бикини

Note that the post Olesya was very voluminous, but at the same time answer all questions of subscribers: “I gave birth six months ago, and therefore now hard to go back to the previous form. Engaged in sports until the last week before birth. Swimming, and walking. Back to classes a month after the event. Massage once a week. So, ritochka, you’re absolutely right.) The form must be maintained. And I will be always grateful to you that were forced to swim for an hour before dinner. And remember your sacramental phrase: “There is today will not only pizza and pasta!”😂

Second, breast Feeding. So call this beautiful part of the female body, and nothing else.) Familiarly the ratio of girls to his breast, (call it, to put it mildly, strange words, as to itself apply, so you are treated and the surrounding), and especially when men make rude words in her address, are not welcome. By the way, because it is now somewhat larger than before.)) This is for very attentive.

Third: Coffee is the drink stimulating rather than calming. For itself made a choice to refrain from drinking coffee in the initial phase of feeding. Now, when introduced into your baby’s diet vegetables, and cereals, and his tummy used to digesting other “difficult” products, trying to introduce in your diet some fish, red, berries, sweet and … coffee!)

Fourth: About, “what are all the Actresses, when not wearing makeup”. All women, not just Actresses look without make up, without photoshop and not on the cover of the magazine a little differently. Sorry You don’t like natural beauty.) You on the avatar, for some reason, suspicious leaves, instead of Your beautiful face! Fifth: Age. My boy, my young friend! I suggest You remember about the relativity of all that is around us!;)In addition, it would be possible to offer You to wait for the time when You don’t sleep nights a year, and before that diarrhea was from 10 to 15 pounds of extra weight. Well, it is a lightweight version, without details, and other “charms” of this wonderful time. But as it is impossible in principle, I think the question is settled”.

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