Actress of the series “Secrets of Palace revolutions” Mariana Tsaregradskaya

Скончалась актриса сериала «Тайны дворцовых переворотов» Марьяна Цареградская Artist, which he called one of the first it-girl of Moscow, died a few days ago. The woman was 45 years. Recent years, Maryana Tsaregradskaya spent abroad with her husband Andrey Vavilov and children – a son and daughter.
Скончалась актриса сериала «Тайны дворцовых переворотов» Марьяна Цареградская

Journalists report that gone from the life of the theater and film actress Maryana Tsaregradskaya. The woman was 45 years. The sad news was shared by writer Marina Yudenich. She noted that it is not aware of the causes of death Constantinople. According to some reports, the actress struggled with cancer, but Yudenich stated that he could not confirm this information.

Maryana Tsaregradskaya was born 9 February 1972 in Kiev. In the childhood the future actress was a professional ballet, and then went to Moscow and became the student of GITIS (RATI). Later Constantinople was transferred to the film Institute, she trained on the course Mikhail Gluzsky.

With her first husband, the artist met during the exams in GITIS. The young man was born into a very educated family – his father was in the Union of artists, and his mother worked as a doctor. Soon, however, Marian decided to go with the chosen one. As later told Constantinople, she and her husband broke up because of different mentalities. Beloved Constantinople was Muslim and strictly observed the national customs.

Скончалась актриса сериала «Тайны дворцовых переворотов» Марьяна Цареградская

After high school, the actress began work in the theater Lenkom. On account of the Mariana role of Catherine Dolgorukova in the historical series by Svetlana Druzhinina “Secrets of Palace revolutions”. In addition, Constantinople was filmed in the TV show “Three on top” and the Thriller “the Scientific section of pilots”.

Second husband of the actress became Deputy Minister of Finance Andrey Vavilov. Mariana met him while working on her debut picture “the Scientific section of pilots”. Man is in love with her at first sight. Their happiness did not prevent the age difference – elect Constantinople was older than her 13 years.

Vavilov gave the actress the car in which she was in a terrible accident. The man did not spare funds for the rehabilitation of Mariana. He made sure that she was doing the best doctors. When Constantinople was in the hospital, Vavilov brought the statement to the Registrar. Lovers legalized relations in December 1994.

In the late 90s the couple was having serious difficulty in relationships. Mariana decided to leave for another man. In desperation, Vavilov hung throughout the capital, billboards with the portrait of Constantinople and declarations of love. Actress, moved by the act of the husband, returned to him.

The last years of his life Marian lived between Monaco, the capital of Russia and London. The actress said that she had the names of the heirs of the daughters of the Gentiles-Vivien and son Dante Gabriel. The godfather of the heir of Constantinople is a TV presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. The woman was engaged in is jewelry, and also actively participated in charity. In the summer of Vavilov and Tsaregradskaya was married in Moscow. The couple decided to arrange the ceremony after many years of marriage.

According to the TV channel “360”, Constantinople the funeral will be held in Moscow. Organization of farewell to the actress, which will be held on Saturday, do her relatives.

Скончалась актриса сериала «Тайны дворцовых переворотов» Марьяна Цареградская