Актрису «Доярки из Хацапетовки» покалечил муж собутыльницы Evgeniya Osipova was urgently taken to a Moscow hospital after a domestic fight. As it became known, during drinking of alcoholic beverages on the Playground, at the actress was attacked by her husband subutility. The man was unhappy that his wife drank too much, and Eugene tried to protect your friend.
Актрису «Доярки из Хацапетовки» покалечил муж собутыльницы

Evgeny Osipov, zvestna many viewers for her role in the TV series “Milkmaid of hatsapetovki”, was taken in one of the capital’s hospitals with numerous bruises. According to media reports, 32-year-old actress was badly beaten by the husband of one of sobutilnick.

The incident happened the other day. According to one version, Eugene the evening rested with roommates – the woman were drinking on the Playground, and one of them had too much to drink. Podrugi decided to call her spouse to take her home. However, the man reacted to the deranged state of the chosen one and used physical force.

Osipova did not stay aside and decided to stand up for the sobutylnitsa. In the end, the enraged man punched Eugene in the face. Injuries have been severe – actress was hospitalized.

Reporters contacted the mother of the actress. She told me that her daughter was just defending a friend who was beaten by my husband. Then she was attacked.

“Three girls were. One like we got really wasted, her husband came and began to beat her cheeks. Jack said why he beats her, then she didn’t remember anything from the attack,” – woman.
Актрису «Доярки из Хацапетовки» покалечил муж собутыльницы

While not reported, what was your reaction to the incident, the husband of actress. Recall that Eugene is married to cameraman Anatoly simchenko. With her husband she met on the set of the series “the Tower”. In 2012, the actress gave birth to son Maxim, and three years later in the star the family had a daughter Sophia.

“Milkmaid of hatsapetovki” suddenly made known to Eugene, the Russian-Ukrainian TV series came to the screen in 2007. Osipova performed the role of the very simple village girl named Katya. According to the script, her character arrived in Moscow from hatsapetovki to realize his dream – to go to University and become a chef of the best restaurant of the capital. But the girl didn’t get enough on the entrance exam and left with nothing, alone in a big city, without money and connections. In a moment of despair, she meets two boys Dima and Vasya. The first has an idea: marry Katie to get grandfather’s inheritance. Relatives of a young man shocked by the decision of the son. With all the twists and turns in the lives of the characters.

Today was also attacked by the star of the series “Soldiers” Sergey Poghosyan. Later that night, the sixth of July, the favorite of the audience beat up on a stop of public transport “1st Babiogorski lane.” The assailant was the driver of one of the buses.

“In the night of Friday, July 6, around 2:00, the police received a message stating that the driver of a bus with the route “H1” beat the passenger while on a stop of public transport “1st Babiogorski lane.” Arrived at the scene, police found that the victim was an actor S. Pogosyan, an employee at the Moscow theatre of the young spectator. Interviewing the participants of the conflict, the police took the 31-year-old employee of Mosgortrans and the victim in another part of the Department of police on area Yakimanka for further proceedings,” he told police.

As a result, he received severe nose injury, but refused hospitalization.

In Moscow beat a star of the TV series “Soldiers”

The material is written according to the channel “112” and the Agency urban news “Moscow”, “REN TV”

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