Actress “Leviathian” fined for a brawl at the airport

Актриса «Левиафиана» оштрафована за дебош в аэропорту Anna Ukolov not allowed in the plane. Famous actress scandal in “Sheremetyevo”. According to the media, Anna Ukolova was in an alcohol intoxication and behaved aggressively. The actress was able to fly to Ufa with a strong delay.

      Актриса «Левиафиана» оштрафована за дебош в аэропорту

      Into trouble were well-known actress, star of the film “Leviathan” Anna Ukolova. As reported by a number of publications, the artist provoked a scandal at the airport “Sheremetyevo”, where he arrived to go on tour to Ufa.

      According to journalists, the 38-year-old Anna Ukolova was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication and behaved aggressively. Employees of the terminal were forced to deny the actress to Board the plane because she was drunk. Realizing that she can’t at the appointed time to fly to Ufa, Anna Ukolova, reportedly pounced on the workers of the airport “Sheremetyevo”, who took the decision not to let her on the plane.

      The terminal employees are unable themselves to settle the conflict and appealed for help to the staff of linear police. The guards were forced to detain Anna Ukolov. The actress was taken to the luvd “the Sheremetyevo”, where she was drawn up under article “Being in a public place in an alcohol intoxication”.

      Then the movie star was sent for examination, to pass which it voluntarily agreed. According to the guards, Anna Ukolova spent in the detention center luvd quite a long time. Police released the actress, making sure she was completely sober. By the way, now celebrities and have yet to pay the fine for improper conduct at the airport in the amount of five hundred rubles.

      “Ukolova was in prison luvd about three hours. When I came to, she was fined in the amount of 500 rubles,” — leads one of the editions of the word guards.

      Ukolova was able in the end to go to Ufa. However, she was in the capital of Bashkortostan with high latency. It is worth noting that the actress herself confirmed the unpleasant incident at the airport “Sheremetyevo” to the journalists of the newspaper “life”. However, the police Anna Ukolova gave his version of events different from that which was told by employees of “Sheremetyevo”.

      Anna Ukolova is familiar to the Russian audience not only for his work in the film “Leviathan”. The actress starred in the film “the Geographer globe propyl”, known for roles in such popular series as “Kamenskaya”, “Sklifosovsky”, “Inquisitor” and others. All the assets of Actresses around eighty film roles.