Actress Julianna Margulies has accused Steven Seagal and Harvey Weinstein’s harassment

Актриса Джулианна Маргулис обвинила Стивена Сигала и Харви Вайнштейна в домогательствах

Another story of abuse shared by the actress Julianna Margulies, which can be seen in such films as “Ghost Ship” and the TV series “the Clinic”. The girl accused Steven Seagal and Harvey Weinstein in the harassment. His recognition of the actress shared the air radio show on SiriusXM. According to her, over 20 years ago Sigal through the casting Director called her in my room for harassment.

Актриса Джулианна Маргулис обвинила Стивена Сигала и Харви Вайнштейна в домогательствах

“I lived in Brooklyn, I had no money for a taxi. But the casting Director said they would reimburse me for the trip. When I arrived, they asked me to come to his room. And he showed me the gun, I’ve never seen guns in real life. I was not raped, was not offended, I don’t remember how I ran from the room. All these stories start the same way — request a massage. He opened the door, he was in a Bathrobe. His room was lit by candles, on the table was dinner for two. He looked at my assistant, got mad and closed the door. Of course, the role I received,” recalls the star of unpleasant events.

In addition to Steven Seagal, the actress also accused Harvey Weinstein. In 1996 it had a nasty accident which reason became a producer. Then, the young actress invited to audition from Harvey for the role in the film. The girl was dressed in a Bathrobe, and the table was set for a romantic dinner with candles. “Of course, I did not participate,” said the actress.

Актриса Джулианна Маргулис обвинила Стивена Сигала и Харви Вайнштейна в домогательствах

Recall that in the framework of a sex scandal many famous and less famous Actresses admitted harassment by producer Weinstein and many other Directors. some even said that not only men harassing young Actresses, but girls Directors. Recently the actor, who played in the movie “star trek,” Anthony RAPP, said that 58-year-old Kevin spacey molested him at the age of 14 years. After this, Kevin publicly apologized and swore to the statement the recognition of non-traditional orientation. “I really respect and admire Anthony R pbuh as an actor. I was shocked to hear his story. I honestly don’t remember meeting, that was over 30 years ago. But if I did so, as he describes, I must offer him a sincere apology for my extremely inappropriate drunken behavior. I’m sorry that the feelings that he describes, was with him for many years… ” apologized to Anthony and Kevin.

“I know that around me there are a lot of stories, they draw on the fact that I protect their privacy. My family know that I had relations with women and with men. I loved romantic encounters with men throughout my life and now I choose to live as gay. I want to deal with it honestly and openly, and it begins with an examination of my own behavior,” wrote Kevin spacey, star of TV series “house of cards”. It is worth noting that filming of the series stopped indefinitely because of the scandal.

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