Актриса Юлия Топольницкая снова снимется в клипе «Ленинграда»

Actress Julia Topol’nitskiy, who became a celebrity through participation in the clip of the group “Leningrad” in the song “Exhibit”, will again act in the clip collective. In a new video work, the artist, whom recently married, will appear with a rounded belly.

The video for the song “Your big Tits” was shot in high secrecy, and to the words of new songs not included in the social network, even mass scenes were shot without musical accompaniment. One of the extras participating in the artists even admitted that they’ve never heard songs by the group “Leningrad”, before or on the set.
In addition to Topol’nitskiy in the clip, it will be the star of the show “This” Marina Domozhirova and the stars of the latest hit “Leningrad “In St. Petersburg to drink” — “office clerk”, “clerk”, “traffic police inspector”, “guide” and “taxi driver.” Director picture was Anna Parmas who shot the two above clip.
Premiere of new video works will be held on September 5, the group’s leader said on his page on Instagram.

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