Actress Julia Mikhalkov has released the seeds for the garden

Актриса Юлия Михалкова выпустила семена для огорода The star of “Ural dumplings” went deep into agriculture. Together with the Ural state agrarian University Julia Mikhalkov brought vegetable seeds for Housewives.

      Актриса Юлия Михалкова выпустила семена для огорода

      Prima show “Ural dumplings” the crisis of death. While others think, how to make, Yulya has got a new job. After she opened a small sweet production in Yekaterinburg a year and a half ago, the artist decided to go into agriculture. Mikhalkov together with the Ural state agrarian University brought vegetable seeds that will be able to purchase any hostess.

      – Since childhood, I remember grandma had planted all sorts of vegetables, preparations of which we ate all winter, – shares with “Stricom” Yulia Mikhalkov. – The program “Tasty things” that I run on local television, often travel around the villages and seeing how hard developing a farm, decided to help. Especially now that it is easier to grow something yourself, than to buy in the store, as the prices have become unaffordable to ordinary citizens. And so the view that the garden is for pensioners, long overdue. Personally, I have already planted herbs in small trays on the windowsill and mounted automatic mini-sprinkler system. Now eat salads with their own homegrown parsley, dill and cilantro. And in the summer go to the site.

      Актриса Юлия Михалкова выпустила семена для огорода

      Considering the climatic conditions in the Sverdlovsk region, Julia with scientists the University has withdrawn frost-resistant varieties. They come to earth at any point of our country as to soil, and the soil not very rich in humus.

      – At the end of April will go on sale the bags with the grains of cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and green – continues to “Ravioli”. – One package of anti-crisis will cost fifteen rubles.

      I must say, Julia Mikhalkov is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. Not so long ago the actress said that Resilovo a new profession. The star of “Ural dumplings”, he chose the difficult vocation of servants of the people. Actress comic genre is aiming at a Deputy chair. Their plans Julia shared with subscribers in social networks.

      -Remember I some time ago told you about the primaries? This preliminary elections, which are held in all regions of our country. To participate in them can be anyone who takes an active civil position, wants and is willing to work for the benefit of his native land, has its own program. And the winners of preliminary elections in the future have the opportunity to become active members of the State Duma of the new convocation. I decided to try your hand at the primaries in his native Ural region. And yesterday I applied for participation.

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