Актриса «Вечного зова» скончалась после тяжелой болезни Became aware of the fact that in the 78 th year of life died people’s artist of Russia Albina Matveyeva. For his entire career, she starred in twenty different projects. The audience remembered her thanks to roles in such films as “Rabble”, “a Poem about wings” and “a month in the country”. The woman also shone on the stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

      Актриса «Вечного зова» скончалась после тяжелой болезни

      Today in mass media there was information that took the life of 77-year-old people’s artist of Russia Albina Matveyeva. A woman has died after a long illness. On the death of a celebrity reported on the official website of the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation. Other details are still unknown.

      Farewell to Albina Borisovna will be held the ninth of December in the House of Cinema.

      “In my 78th year after a long illness departed this life member of the National Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences of Russia “Golden eagle”, people’s artist of Russia Albina Borisovna Matveyeva… we lost a great actress, a beautiful woman, kind and heartwarming people. An irreparable loss. Light memory!” stated in the obituary posted online.

      Albina Matveeva was born on 25 Jan 1939 in Moscow. After high school she enrolled at the Bauman Moscow state technical University. For some time she tried to engage in scientific activities, but this did not happen. Matveeva dragged into the art, she wanted to become an actress. Therefore, the future star went to drama school, and a year after graduation was accepted into the troupe of the famous Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The artist remained faithful to him until the very last day of his life.

      The Alba Matveeva dozens of roles in theater, as well as participation in twenty films. The debut of women on the screen was in the TV series “the Investigation leading experts”. In the future, the artist participated in such bands as “Eternal call”, “a Poem about wings”, “Beach”, “Month in village”, “Stargazer” and “Defender Sedov”.

      Friends of the star have reported that al’bina Borisovna genuinely proud of his role in “Ford” and considered it one of the top. It is noteworthy that the tape held for years on the shelf, and only thanks to the tenacity of the actress finally came to the audience. Critics praised this movie and the talent Matveeva.

      The latest work of people’s artist of Russia in cinema was the role in the film “the lighthouse”, released in 2006. Director of drama on the military action in the Caucasus, became a graduate of the experimental workshop of the Institute of Cinematography Maria Saakyan, and the script was written by playwright Givi Shavgulidze.