Actress, “Eternal call” Ada Rogovtseva was urgently hospitalized

Актриса «Вечного зова» Ада Роговцева была экстренно госпитализирована The artist was on tour, when he suddenly complained of feeling unwell. Rogovtseva called the ambulance. The star was taken to the hospital and he was examined. Fans of Ada Nikolaevna pray for her health.

      Актриса «Вечного зова» Ада Роговцева была экстренно госпитализирована

      Today in a press there was an information that the 79-year-old Russian and Ukrainian actress Ada Rogovtseva was urgently hospitalized. The woman was in intensive care in connection with pneumonia. As journalists, it happened two days ago. The actress became ill immediately after the speech in the river. There Rogovtseva and her colleagues presented the play “a Warsaw melody two.”

      Ada Rogovtseva was born July 6, 1937 in Glukhov. After finishing school she entered the Studio of people’s artist of the USSR Konstantin Stepankova. A talented student, quickly became one of the best on the course. Teachers noted her diligence, perseverance and acting skills. After graduation, the future star began playing in the local drama theater, a stage on which she shone for several decades.

      The debut production of the artist was the play “Youth Poly Vikhrova,” in which she played a major role. After some time she was awarded the title of Honored artist URSR. Then the future star of cinema and theatre was only 23 years old. With the 60-ies Rogovtseva was busy in many premieres. During his long career, the actress has worked with many famous Directors, including Roman Viktyuk.

      Актриса «Вечного зова» Ада Роговцева была экстренно госпитализирована

      Ada Nikolaevna known not only as a brilliant stage artist. She also played in many famous paintings. Rogovtseva started acting in movies even when I was in University. The first tape with the actress called “Bloody dawn”. In it she played a very small role, but in the future Rogovtseva beginning to get more interesting characters.

      In 1970, he released drama “salute, Maria!”, after which the woman woke up famous. A year later one of the partners of the star became Bohdan Stupka. The actors starred in the film adaptation of the play “the Stone master”. Rogovtseva also participated in the work of the famous TV series “Eternal call”, in it she played the role of Anna Kaftanova, wife of Fedor Saveliev.

      All a celebrity has played in hundreds of movies of different genres. Actress is easy to provide not only vaudeville, but also more “heavy” of the picture. The audience was delighted both from the operetta “die Fledermaus” and the drama series “the private life of investigator Saveliev”.

      Journalists reported that the troupe, which has performed Ada Mykolayivna, went on tour without her. According to the channel “1+1”, the star did not look for a replacement.