Actress “Diesel show” Yana Glushchenko going to become a mother

Актриса «Дизель шоу» Яна Глущенко собирается стать мамой

Comedienne “Diesel show”, blonde Yana Glushchenko is going to give birth to her first child. Month of pregnancy and the child’s gender were not disclosed, but the position of the actress happily confirmed in Odessa, at a press conference featuring “Diesel show” in honor of independence Day.

Odessa city became very important for Yana, because there she became engaged to producer of the group “TIK” and singer Iryna Bilyk Oleg Barsukou. The ceremony was held in April fool’s day — April 1, which is symbolic for the actress a Comedy show. It is not surprising that in this city, the actress finally decided to tell us about his special position.

That the couple soon to be firstborn, Ian sees something unique. She believes that in life nothing just happens. Times the couple will have a baby, then their marriage blessed. Yana sees in his elect exactly the same, sent by fate.

Details about her pregnancy, the actress has not been disclosed, but only announced to fans that he was going to work in the same mode. “I actively continue to work: starring in the sketch coma “For three” and will take the stage on 24 and 25 August in Odessa.”

But the work needs to relax, and Jan without exception. The actress recently told fans about how she met her 31st birthday in a new house. The actress spoke about the greeting team, “the Best gift was the fact that on this day I was not too loaded with work. Still surprise arranged – we all gathered together. Came to congratulate even those who have had the day off from filming, told reporters Jan. I was surprised when on the Playground, two guys made a huge box. As it turned out, a stationary hammock. This large, bright, comfortable. I pictured myself in it on the lawn of a country house, where my husband and I just moved. As soon as I find time to lie in it and relax.” Now the actress is expecting a baby in the new cozy house, relaxing in the hammock.