Актриса Анна Пескова стала лицом спортивного марафона
The actress promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Актриса Анна Пескова стала лицом спортивного марафона

Anna Peskova

Earlier this year, actress Anna Peskova, known
for the TV series “pregnancy Test”, “Family values”, “Five minutes of silence” and
others took part in a sports online marathon, and now everyone
can compete with the actress in sporting achievements

For this you need to remove the video how you are doing
exercise and put it on an electronic platform of the project. Celebrities,
including actress Anna Peskova, will remove in response.

Peskov is always in perfect physical
the form, which is why it looks so naturally in the role of employee
search-and-rescue team of EMERCOM in the series “Five minutes of silence”, the sequel
which will be released this year on the channel Russia.

“Form and I support the sport and the proper
food, — said Anna. — I am convinced that one without the other is impossible. My diet consists of healthy foods:
lean meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fresh juices, unsweetened tea. I
like something that is useful! Sometimes because of work and all there are days when I don’t
time to eat, but not eat in haste. If you need a snack, I
have baby food or applesauce. It helps very much to have some
time helps not to think about food. For dinner, prefer protein-rich foods.

Go to the gym, love to swim in the pool. After
workout, bask in the sauna, the next day my muscles ached. Love
to walk I try to walk. Happened, took place in Moscow on 30
miles as spotted my iPhone. My favourite places are the Gorky Park, Muzeon,
The Frunze quay, Botanical gardens. In warm time of year to ride
bike. And Alpine skiing. Once a year we will
go to ski slope. Try to walk, take vitamin
supplements, which lacks the body. When this way of life any diet
don’t need you!”

Anna Peskova