Actress Anastasia Melnikova asks a higher power of the second child

Актриса Анастасия Мельникова просит высшие силы о втором ребенке

The personal life of the actress Anastasia Melnikova does not suffer because of her workload. We note that recently a woman became a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, however, still spends a lot of time with family as before, especially when you consider that Anastasia daughter is experiencing the same anxious feelings towards the theatre, like her star mom.

In a recent interview with “Interlocutor” Melnikov told about how a magic wand could be her daughter when the mother literally does not have time to arrive to the show, which involved.

“Teacher’s Day I had a scheduling conflict. It was necessary at the same time be in different parts of the city – Mariinsky theatre and the ice Palace. Nothing was edited because it was a government concerts. Then I went to the Mariinsky, and Masha – the Palace. She went out to the audience and said, “Mom is delayed at the previous job, so the concert while I’ll be driving”. Imagine, she spent 40 minutes talking with 10 thousand viewers, almost without looking at the script. During this time I managed to get part of the concert at the Mariinsky theatre, 17 minutes she took a car of mine in the other end of town where usually get two hours. When I flew behind the scenes, the Cars co-host laughed, “You can return to the Mariinsky. We do fine”. See how my daughter likes to be on stage, she lives it and takes pleasure in”, is very proud of Anastasia.

By the way, Melnikov admitted that since Mary is older, she wants to be back in the role of a young mother, but because she begs God for the birth of the second child.

“Until God gave more children but would love to. We had prayed and asked, but He knew better. If I do not have children, it would be a tragedy. I have someone to live for. Now I’ll wait, when Masha will give me grandchildren” – quoted Melnikova “the Source”.

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