Actress Alina Lanin shared effective hair care

Актриса Алина Ланина поделилась эффективным средством по уходу за волосами
The star of the series “the Father shore” on the First channel of said how to make nourishing hair mask.

Актриса Алина Ланина поделилась эффективным средством по уходу за волосами

Alina Lanina

Photo: from personal archive Alina Lannoy

Actress Alina Lanina confessed, “7D”, which never thought
themselves supergravity, but didn’t want anything to change. “Only once
came to the beautician with the idea — and let’s increase my upper lip, — says the star. — She put me in front of the mirror, lifted my upper
the lip look. I looked down and saw the unnatural look! And desire

According to Lannoy, any external transformation, change facial expression, and
hence, the way and role. “And in the movie appreciate texture, says star
the series “the Father shore” on the First channel. — So if you really want something in itself
to fix it, better to do self-development”.

To treat hair Aline helps professional. “Of course, the hair
require care — after paints, foams, hair dryers, irons during the filming. Fortunately,
I have a great master. He uses burning hair the entire length, removing
split ends, nourishes them with the help of a special mesotherapy — says the artist. And
recently proposed a so-called “Botox for hair”. It’s not injections,
a super-hydrating texture which is applied on the head.”

Alina said that she has never in life had nothing more to cut
hair or colour: “I even refused a role for which it was necessary
to change the color. And I’m afraid of losing a unique. I did not begin to appear in
the movie where I had to shave off his hair. Try to preserve the beauty of hair
which gave me God.”

Hair mask from Alina Lannoy



  • Olive oil — 1 tbsp
  • Honey — 1 tbsp
  • The yolk of one egg
  • 1 tsp of cognac
  • Half lemon


Heat olive oil to a temperature slightly above 36
°C, if honey is viscous is to melt it in a water bath, separate the yolk,
mix it all together. Add a teaspoon of cognac and a little drizzle with lemon.
Apply the mixture on your head, wrap in foil and a towel and keep
30 minutes.

If you have an Allergy to some ingredient of the mask,
apply it only on hair. Rinse hair after shampooing
a solution of 1 tbsp low-interest solution of vinegar per liter of water.