Actress Alexandra Yakovleva died after failing to defeat cancer Yesterday, April 1, it became known that that 64-year-old film actress Alexandra Yakovleva passed away.

Actress Alexandra Yakovleva died , unable to defeat oncology For four years, Alexandra fought with oncology, but the disease turned out to be stronger. .jpg” alt=”Actress Alexandra Yakovleva died, unable to defeat oncology” />

At the same time, Alexandra periodically got in touch, talking about her condition and urging people who faced the same disease not to give up. She willingly agreed to interviews, took part in programs and was not at all shy about showing how her appearance had changed. jpg” alt=”Actress Alexandra Yakovleva died, unable to defeat oncology” />

Back in January 2022, Alexandra wrote in her blog that another operation was successful…

But three months later, the situation worsened . “Unfortunately, this happened,” film director Nikolai Lebedev commented and confirmed the sad news.

Recall that the actress became famous for her roles in the films “The Crew”, “Magicians”, “The Man from the Boulevard des Capucines” and many other films that will remain in memory.

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