Actor Yury Sherstnev died from complications during a serious illness

Актер Юрий Шерстнев умер от осложнения на фоне тяжелой болезни Star of theatre and cinema, died in Moscow. Ludmila Makeeva, the wife of Yury Sherstnev, told reporters that he was suffering from a serious illness and remained in bed. On Friday at the famous artist’s heart stopped.
Актер Юрий Шерстнев умер от осложнения на фоне тяжелой болезни

Today it became known that on 77-m to year of life died honored artist of the RSFSR Yury Sherstnev.

According to information that appeared in the press, Yuri was feeling unwell at the moment when he was at home. Wife stars of theater and cinema actress and Director Ludmila Makeeva, called an ambulance, but medical professionals failed to save the life of the artist.

Later, the celebrity wife told correspondents that he was suffering from a severe illness.

“Cardiac arrest, pneumonia on a background of COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He’s four years were” – shared Ludmila Makeeva.

Fans of the famous actor condolences to his family and friends in social networks. Internet users are reminded of the work of a man and say that he was a really talented artist. “”Gypsies”, he played simply unforgettable”, “the Kingdom of heaven!”, “The kindest man”, “Ground down”, “I’m sorry”, “Eternal memory”, “Sad”, “that’s life… just recently celebrated her birthday, and today came the tragic news to” – discuss fans of a celebrity.

Актер Юрий Шерстнев умер от осложнения на фоне тяжелой болезни

Yuri Sherstnev was born on 24 April 1941 in Moscow. The father of the future stars of theatre and cinema, died at Stalingrad a year after the birth of his son, so the boy didn’t know one of their parents. When the Great Patriotic war, Sherstneva family was evacuated to Samarkand. After some time, Yuri and his mother moved to the village Yukamenskoe located in Udmurt Republic.

When the fighting ended, Sherstneva returned to the capital. There the artist studied at the school №637. From an early age he was engaged in creativity – he went to school in drama club, and also enjoyed learned to play the guitar.

After obtaining a diploma of secondary formations of the young man and his friend Vyacheslav Ezepov have decided to enroll in the School-Studio of MKHAT. As later recalled a friend of the artist, their decision was sudden. “And we sort of bullying, youthful arrogance, or what – decided: well let’s try, just for fun!” – told Ezepov.

Актер Юрий Шерстнев умер от осложнения на фоне тяжелой болезни

Future stars were trained in the course of an actor and theater Director Victor Karlovich Monyukova. In his interview with Vyacheslav Ezepov told that he was “a brilliant teacher”. It seemed that fate brought young people to this mentor. Interestingly, when they came to apply, the selection Committee has not worked. The University remained only Victor Manukov, who listened to prospective students.

Yuri Sherstnev graduated in 1963. At different times he worked for such renowned cultural institutions as “Sphere”, and also in the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. In 1985, Yuri Borisovich was awarded the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR.

It should be noted that Sherstnev not only shone on the stage, but also starred in the movie. Among the most famous works of the actor can be found roles in the films “the Kingslayer”, “Aty-Baty, were soldiers…”, “zero City”, “Listener”, “Lost in Siberia” and “Antikiller”. In addition, the actor played in many popular TV series.

According to the publication “360”, Yuri died in his apartment in Moscow.