Actor “the Secrets of the investigation” found blood after 45 years

Актер «Тайн следствия» обрел родную кровь спустя 45 лет After decades that the star of the series is spent searching for loved ones, he finally learned the truth about his mother. In addition, Nikolay Perminov met for the first time with my sister. The artist could not restrain his emotions when in a live TV show announced the results of the DNA test.
Актер «Тайн следствия» обрел родную кровь спустя 45 лет

Actor Nikolay Perminov, known for its participation in the series “Secrets of investigation”, “the wood-Grouse. Return” and “Insomnia” for a long time tried to find relatives with the help of the TV show “live”. In August last year, the artist first met 23-year-old son Andrew, now a man finally found out who is his biological mother.

Once Perminova have parents, and he grew up in an orphanage. He was then refused twice, first his mother and then foster, who returned the boy back under the onslaught of doctors. Medical professionals were convinced that the child has down syndrome, but their assumptions are not confirmed.

In an episode of the TV show channel “Russia 1” Perminov told that his biological mother died during childbirth, but the evidence of her death was not. Last year the man managed to meet the woman who once abandoned him, and now Nicholas finally found blood. The artist has passed a DNA test, which proved his relationship with Zinaida Tolstoy.

“I had these feelings, that to me is someone else. I often go to pray, I have a guardian angel who helps me,” said Perminov.
Актер «Тайн следствия» обрел родную кровь спустя 45 лет

As it turned out, the date of birth Perminova changed. In fact, the actor was born on 11 may 1971 in the village of Berry Magadan region.

Daughter Zinaida Tolstoy Anna Loginova, who was born in 1974 and visited the Studio of the program. The woman admitted that she knows nothing about her past.

“Mom started drinking and that’s it, of course, ruined… Drank, count, until his last days, and I brought my grandmother. Mom died around the year 2002-2003. When she died, I was out of town. No one about me not reported. When I started to question people like that, I was told that she was buried in Berry. Deep down I was upset with the mother, though I loved her very much and missed you. But now I’m older and wiser,” said Anna.
Актер «Тайн следствия» обрел родную кровь спустя 45 лет

According to Loznevoy, she doesn’t even know where her mother is buried. “I want to find her grave, because they have to remember their loved ones,” the woman said, barely holding back tears.

When Nicholas and Anna learned that they are relatives of the 99 percent, are unable to restrain emotions. Relatives cried and hugged each other. A touching moment when the presenter opened the envelope with the results of the DNA examination also forced to cry all the visitors at the show.

In addition, the newscast said that the date of birth and the name of Nikolai has changed his foster mother, who subsequently abandoned him. About the biological father of the actor could not come up with anything. Then Zinaida Tolstoy did not report information about its parent.

At the end of the program the presenter revealed that Perminov was born at midnight, a minute before the birthday of the mother. May 12, Zinaida Tolstoy celebrated the holiday. This fact was a big surprise for the artist. Despite the fact that the mother of the actor refused it, he speaks of her with warm words.

“I felt inside, and I was even told by one person that you can’t be born from a bad person… My mother is always with me. Always. I felt. Wherever I came, and no matter what I asked, she is always there,” said Nicholas.