Actor “Ten little Indians” Alexey Zharkov passed away

Актер «Десяти негритят» Алексей Жарков ушел из жизни

People’s artist of Russia died June 5, on 69-m to year of life.

In 2012, Alex D. suffered a stroke which temporarily paralyzed him. Repeat the stroke happened, the artist in March of this year. Unfortunately, the second hit turned into a long illness…

On the death of actor announced the Union of cinematographers of Russia, today on the website of actor colleagues published a small obituary: “June 5, at the 69th year after a long illness passed away the actor, the knight of the order of Friendship, people’s artist of Russia Aleksei Dmitriyevich Zharkov. Went amazingly talented artist, humble, kind man. In the biography of Alexei Dmitrievich more than 130 movie roles, each of which conquers the inner strength, identity, loyalty transfer human characters and a beautiful game”.

Said goodbye to Alexey Dmitrievich and artistic Director of the Theatre. Yermolova, The Oleg Menshikov:

“Departed this life Alexey Zharkov. It is impossible to believe. He worked in the theatre from 1971 to 1988, has played many wonderful roles. We all know and love his film work. The memory of the wonderful actor will remain forever in our grateful hearts, in the history of the Ermolova theatre. We Express our deep condolences to the family”.

The actor left a wife Love son Maxim, Anastasia daughter and two granddaughters. The second baby was born shortly before the death of the actor.

On account of Alexey Zharkov hundred roles, among them such famous films as “Ten little Indians”, “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, “Life of Klim Samgin”, “Prisoner of If castle” and many others. The last film with the participation Zharkova – drama “Ward # 6” – released in 2009.

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