Actor Patrick Stewart admitted that treated marijuana

Актер Патрик Стюарт признался, что лечится марихуаной

As is known in the Comedy American movies, marijuana Western doctors prescribe to use as a medicine, for example, glaucoma (eye disease caused by increased intraocular pressure). For medical purposes marijuana uses actor Patrick Stewart.

The star of “X-Men” admitted that a couple of years ago in Los Angeles and got a prescription for cannabinoidasam medication and now uses them daily as prevention of inflammation of the inflammation of the joints in both hands. “I can clench his fists, what wasn’t before I started treatment”, says Patrick, stating that this “cure” really helped him and eased his existence.

Now Stuart uses a special ointment, spray, and supplements. The actor explained that he was forced to withdraw from other drugs, because they had a negative impact and heavy load on the liver. With cannabinoidasam drugs this is not a problem.