Актер «Однажды в России» женится
Michael Stognienko proposed to his girlfriend during the shooting.

Photo: TNT

Michael Stognienko, actor of the satirical project “Once in
Russia” on TNT, proposed to his girlfriend to become his wife in the midst of filming
of the new season. The idea to propose to his sweetheart, Xenia so
unusual way Michael Stognienko nurtured for a long time. A solemn moment was
scheduled for the end of the day during the performance of the traditional
songs. In the sketch, entitled the “Proposal” was
almost all involved actors. In the final scene Michael Stognienko invited to
the scene of his girlfriend, and kneeling on one knee, offered her his hand and heart,
presenting a diamond ring. Everything that happens was for Xenia full
surprise, she said Yes, and all gathered in the Studio are unable
to hold back the tears. This episode can be seen in one of the editions of the new

“I considered different options,
how to make Ksenia offer, but then figured that with all introductory and
luck, the best thing to give her a ring on the set
“Once in Russia”. In the preparation involve all my colleagues: Azamat
Musagaliev with the author’s band wrote the song and accompanied me during her
execution, and the other guys was standing behind the stage with flowers and waited for commands
when can we congratulate. The song was about a man who, for all
his clumsiness, architecti and rudeness trying to be nice and romantic,
however, all his attempts fail, — says the actor. — After his speech I said that business for
the situation is exactly the opposite, I invited Ksenia to the stage and asked her
hands. Fortunately, she did not stall and immediately agreed, though,
in her confession, the sentence became for her a complete surprise. Don’t know
she is cheating, but I’m glad that despite my crazy excitement all
went without a hitch and without a hitch. By the way, in search of the ring I
spent about two months and can now call myself an expert