Actor of the TV series “Foundry” is going to prison for a brutal massacre of the wife

Актер сериала «Литейный» сядет в тюрьму за жестокую расправу над женой In the Lomonosov court held a hearing on the case of Constantine Cordo-Sysoeva, who was famous for cameo roles in popular projects. Actor accused of killing wife Natalia. According to investigators, the man beat her with a stick with nails.
Актер сериала «Литейный» сядет в тюрьму за жестокую расправу над женой

In St. Petersburg announced the verdict Constantine Cordo-Sysoev, starring in episodes of the TV series “Foundry”, “High stakes” and “on Tour”. The actor was convicted of murdering his wife Natalia. A man will go to 11 years in colony of strict regime. In addition, Constantine ordered to pay relatives of the spouse of one million rubles.

Journalists report that Cordo-Sysoev and pleaded not guilty. During the meeting, the actor remained calm and even smiled while relatives of his deceased wife was crying.

The mutilated body of lady Constantine Natalia found in April 2016 in one of the gardening in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. According to investigators, the woman, who worked as a flight attendant, caused more than 60 blows with a stick studded with nails. A few days later arrested the husband of the deceased.

Актер сериала «Литейный» сядет в тюрьму за жестокую расправу над женой

Throughout the period of investigation a violent crime close Natalia claimed that it is guilty of the husband. According to them, the woman lost interest in Constantine, and even planned to get a divorce. It was rumored that Natalia took a lover. So jealous artist and hand picked on the darling during the next quarrel. The investigation concluded that Constantine beat his wife with a stick, after which she died on the spot. Trying to cover their tracks, the actor decided to dump the body of his wife in the water. Then Cordo-Sysoev sat in the family car and went back to Saint Petersburg.

The accused refused to admit his involvement in the murder of his wife. Friends and relatives of Constantine was on his side. They spread in social networks a message asking you to support the artist. “Any person who is a hostage of circumstances, it is necessary to believe that real friends do exist! Think about who would support you?” – wrote in “Vkontakte” the sister of actor Tatiana Pastukhova. According to a relative of Constantine, Natalia could easily leave the house alone. As Pastukhov argues, her beloved brother demonstrated bravery.

Defenders Cordo-Sysoeva said that in the estimated hours of the crime he was in St. Petersburg. In their opinion, the case against the actor were unfair. “The same witness questioning under different names, it’s illegal” – shared by those who stood on the side of the artist in the Network.

Note that Constantine Cordo-Sysoev not only starred in episodes of several popular TV series, but was involved in the film “Rasputin” with Gerard Depardieu. Moreover, the man agreed to take part in commercials, worked as a presenter at festivals and weddings.

According to “the St. Petersburg diary” and channel “78”.