Actor of movie “the Investigation leading experts” fighting with mom, the patient wife

Актер фильма «Следствия ведут знатоки» борется с мамой больной жены The wife of Leonid Kaurova confined to a wheelchair. The artist spares no effort and money to care for a sick beloved. However, parents Korytnikova Irina tried to take her own apartment, and her daughter to appoint a guardian.

      Актер фильма «Следствия ведут знатоки» борется с мамой больной жены

      Well-known Soviet actor Leonid Kayurov after the completion of his creative career became a priest. For 35 years he was married to actress Irina Korytnikova. The wife of the artist confined to a wheelchair, the elderly woman suffering with multiple sclerosis. A man caring for his sick wife. Now, however, Kaurava hassle adds that he has trouble with the parents of the couple. In the program “Let them talk” he said that Kira Korytnikova wanted to rewrite a two-bedroom apartment with his son.

      Leonid Y. admitted that he had to go to the police to restore justice. He didn’t expect her mother to behave this way.

      “She came up with the idea to acquire two-bedroom apartment. When I wasn’t home, taking advantage of the helplessness of Irina, she stole her passport and papers on apartment. Plans were to kidnap Irene, to appoint her a guardian. The plan went awry, I woke up in time. Called the police, made the seizure, search warrant, however, it was through resistance,” – said Malakhov actor.
      Актер фильма «Следствия ведут знатоки» борется с мамой больной жены

      Leonid Yuryevich admitted that after this incident began to hear curses in the address of Tiffany and threats. He had to change the locks on the doors of a country house and spend a lot of money on the installation of the alarm system. He doesn’t understand what happened with the family of his wife.

      However, the mother of the wife of actor Kira Korytnikova offends against the son-in-law. First of all, she takes care of her daughter, whose name is recorded flat. Woman wants that the property has not passed into the wrong hands.

      “He says that I’m a thief. I told him the apartment was given, the country gave – and I’m a thief! I’m doing this because I don’t want him someone was brought in, and the apartment is left to strangers,” explained the mother of Irene.

      Актер фильма «Следствия ведут знатоки» борется с мамой больной жены

      The experts who gathered in the Studio was puzzled by the fact that Leonid Kayurov is fighting for the property. They were amazed that he, as a Minister of the Church, care about material issues. However, the actor has based that are simply afraid to remain without a roof over your head. Mother Irina believes all his words are insincere.

      “I called the neighbor and said, the Laziness of someone appeared. How am I going to see Ira? He does not want to transfer the property to his nephew and says that it does not concern us”, – said the woman in the air, “Let them talk”.