Actor “Interns” and “Univer” was taken into custody for a drug problem

Актера «Интернов» и «Универа» заключили под стражу из-за проблем с наркотиками Dmitry Busine charged. The young man was arrested near the Riga station in the beginning of the week after he found a few grams of illegal substances. The police raided his house, but law enforcement officers found nothing illegal.
Актера «Интернов» и «Универа» заключили под стражу из-за проблем с наркотиками

Earlier in the week it became known that in the area of the Riga station detained the young man. He found about eight grams of narcotic substance. 27-year-old Dmitry Bushin was the actor who had appeared in such popular series as “Uni” and “Interns.” After the personal belongings of the man was discovered by illegal means, the police went to his home to search it. Dmitry also followed up with the authorities. During the inspection of the things he found nothing.

Today it became known that now the young man will have to answer for possession of drugs. He was charged under article 228 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. For illegal possession of prohibited psychotropic drugs, depending on the severity of the charges you can get up to three years of imprisonment.

Актера «Интернов» и «Универа» заключили под стражу из-за проблем с наркотиками

“Against Dmitry Bushin remanded in custody”, – said the press Secretary of the court Yulia Bocharova edition Life.

The young man participated in the shooting of the famous sitcom “Interns”. The actor appeared in small roles.

For seven years the series was released 14 seasons. Not so long ago one of the actors mnogoseriyki Kazimir Liske died under mysterious circumstances. He fell from the window of the fifth floor of his apartment in the early morning. None of the fans were unaware that a cheerful man could commit suicide. Time won’t heal: what happened to the actors of the series “Interns”

“This is a tragic “accident”. Kez experienced serious mental instability. It can be called a disease. What happened to him, not “suicide” and not drugs. Medical tests found the blood of Kez no sign of something serious. Kez came home in the morning, talked with Pauline. No one saw in him any signs of panic or mental instability. Nevertheless, around four in the morning he “fell out of the window”. No reason to do it. And we all are sure that he did not want to do this, just disease and mental state, which he suppressed and concealed, even from their loved ones, pushed his body to the sky”, – said the head of the theatre, where he worked as an actor, Ivan Vyrypaev.