Actor from “the Sea devils” found dead in apartment

Актер из «Морских дьяволов» найден мертвым в квартире The star of the films “Sea devils”, “it was in Gavrilovka” and “Vanak. Playing on the fly” died 1 Nov. However, on the death of Sleeve became known only today. Friends reported that Pets of the actor is not one to leave.
Актер из «Морских дьяволов» найден мертвым в квартире

Star domestic TV series Sergey Saleev has died on 48-m to year of life. This was reported by close friends of the actor in social networks.

The body of Sergey was found in the bathroom of his apartment in Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of the month. Familiar artist can’t decide who to give the Pets of the deceased. Cause of death Saleeva is not yet established.

A few days before the death of the actor wrote a small post on the Network.

“Life is the best that this so rampant idiots as we are, giving to “bums” in the hall of the best, deepest, true, nothing, nothing, without demanding in return. The glory of the profession, fame, actors glory!” – said Sergey.
Актер из «Морских дьяволов» найден мертвым в квартире

“Did not my friend Serega Sleeve… of Course, he left things unfinished… And two cats and little dogs very small. Red SOx, four years old, the cat is decent, pot, dryer, and everything else according to the rules does. And gray one year old Schweppes — a real bully. But not out of malice cat, but simply young and hot. But I very well know how tenderly and gently Serge belonged to our younger brothers! One day, he went out of the apartment to the rehearsal in a hurry….And cat tubby is, squeaks, shouts and is going to give birth! What kind of rehearsal! Phoning from the theatre, swearing and indignant: “Saleev, you scoundrel, where are you?! Quite insolent?!”. But Serge until birth stradley was not accepted, and the whole family at not posted from Domane out. And then kittens on feet placed, the nurse treated her and everyone in good hands rubbed! Friends, well, we sereinig favorite animals in the lurch leaving behind? Help the chain to transmit information!”, — Abdil friend of the artist Olga Doroshina. Netizens responded to the request of a friend of Sergei Sleeve. Soon the Pets of the deceased actor will find a new home.