Актер Кори Фельдман рассказал о банде педофилов в Голливуде

Revelation Elijah wood caused a considerable sensation. In a recent interview with the star of “Lord of the rings” was told that in Hollywood a lot of pedophiles, which cover the influential people. According to the artist, many celebrities have passed through the bed adult uncles as a child, but he, fortunately, had not been in a similar situation. but the actor Corey Feldman talked about his bitter experience.

Five years ago, Corey admitted that he and his friend, the actor Corey Haim (he died in 2010) at an early age have experienced violence. The young people were in the cinema since childhood and starred in the television series. Cute boys, according to the artist, found admirers not only across the screen, and if Feldman was just stuck, then his buddy was raped by an influential cinemascom.
“Cory was only eleven years old. Now as much years old is my son, and I can’t even imagine that to happen with him” — said Feldman told reporters.
The actor admitted that Hollywood for decades, there is a whole gang that supplies pedophiles their young victims.
“When you go to a party where, as promised you will have fun helping in your career, you think that it’s great. What is it about the majority of children and adolescents does not even know.. I’m sure the man who raped Corey, was also connected with the right people and chalk rather big impact. All these raped people are silent because they are threatened and intimidated. This gang of perverts – a very close-knit, these men are friends with each other and afraid of publicity. They will not be difficult to close the mouth of any man” — said Feldman.
Obviously, Taylor knows many names, but call directly to influential perverts not.
“Everyone’s mad at me, so I pointed and named names, calling me a coward. It is impolite, even though I suffer. If not for the laws of California, I would love to tell you everything I know. There is a legal concept, as the Statute of limitations. Unproven if I call someone’s name, the problem starts from me, and I will be in the dock” — explained his position by Measles.
Now, according to the artist, the pedophile has become much easier to find their victims. They appeal to them by means of social networking.
“Pedophiles just go to Twitter or Facebook and write, say, a well-known producer invites you into Hollywood – and all the trap shuts” — said Corey.

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