Actor Comedy Woman Eugene Borodenko revealed the main intrigues of the

Актер Comedy Woman Евгений Бороденко раскрыл главные закулисные интриги The actor shared his memories about what has always remained behind the scenes. Eugene podelilsa behind-the-scenes stories about which no one in the audience and could not conceive.

      Актер Comedy Woman Евгений Бороденко раскрыл главные закулисные интриги

      This year the most famous women’s show marks a decade. Despite the name, the team has Comedy Woman and men, three of them – Eugene Borodenko, Oleg Vereshchagin and Alexander Gudkov. Guys are enriched with a women’s team. And on the occasion of the 1 April dancer Eugene Borodenko told funny stories that happen with the artists behind the scenes and never appear on camera, and dispelled some myths about the stars of the acclaimed project.

      Striptease from Angara

      – Each of the participants Comedy Woman quite a large number of characters and roles in the show, so change is necessary as quickly as possible for 30 seconds. During this time Masha Kravchenko transforms into Marianne Mahmudovu and back. Angara reincarnated the whole concert in Krasnoyarsk: first my mother, then losing weight in a solitary woman, then in people’s “sundress”. All the speech, she ran naked behind the scenes. Fortunately, we all each other not shy, but the stage workers get great pleasure. They look at once two concerts – on stage and behind the scenes. For the same 30 seconds we’re redoing hair styles. For example, I lick the hair on the side to portray a botanist, Morozova “puts” Bang when he plays the singer from the band 90 “Stainless steel”, but Barnabas dismisses the hair when creating the image of strippers.

      Актер Comedy Woman Евгений Бороденко раскрыл главные закулисные интриги

      Sentenced to death

      – To me one day an incident happened – I forgot to go on stage. Talking about something interesting with Nadia Angara. After that was brutally humiliated and sentenced to death. Fortunately, Creator and creative producer of the show Natalia Andreevna at that concert was not. I just received a blow from both Yekaterinburg: Skulking and Barnabas. Verbal and physically. After a couple of hours of “public flogging” I was allowed to dine with all. Since then, I always go on stage.

      Forgot Pauline at the hotel

      Актер Comedy Woman Евгений Бороденко раскрыл главные закулисные интриги

      Once the Pauline Sibagatullin had to act in different shoes, as a suitable pair had disappeared. With it occurred another funny incident. After the speech, as part of the tour we boarded the bus. Each of us was sure that everything is in place. We looked at each other and made sure that everything in the collection. Left. Later called Pauline. It turned out that she was a bit late, leaving the room in the hotel and all this time waited for us in the lobby. For Pauline, of course, we returned, and then for a long time begging her forgiveness.

      Home team – Natalya

      Актер Comedy Woman Евгений Бороденко раскрыл главные закулисные интриги

      -Natalya is the author of transmission and creative producer, this is my boss, and we are friends. With her fun and interesting when she’s in a good mood. When there is no less interesting. But she is forgiving, and any situation can turn into a joke, she has the talent to see the world from a different angle.

      Tears and fights

      -We have, as in any group, there are differences, they are solved in different ways. There are screams and tears… they Say, even fights were, but I didn’t see. Rather, it is a myth. As a rule, all disputes are settled with common to all team members sense of humor .

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