Actor Anatoly Bely was removed first from the theater in Russia, and now from productions in Israel A serious series of bad luck continues in the artist's life.

Actor Anatoly Bely was first removed from the theater of Russia, and now and from productions in Israel Anatoly Bely, following the other “color of the nation”, sparkling with his heels, fled to Israel. Upon arrival in a new country, our artists strive to maintain the same standard of living and do not want to become ordinary workers, trying to get onto the stage there too.

Meanwhile, Israel and other countries are full of their own actors who do not really need competition. And in general, how to play on stage without knowing either the local mentality or the language. =”Actor Anatoly Bely was removed first from the theater of Russia, and now from productions in Israel” />

Here it played a cruel joke with Bely Tolya. I managed to stumble into the Israeli theater and everything seemed to be top-notch, but a few weeks before the production, they quietly leaked it, seeing how he was mumbling something awkward in distorting Hebrew.

“Friends, I hasten to say that in January I don't play in the theater “Gesher” in “Karenina”. On the website of the institution it is not written about this, there is no such practice. You have to call and ask at the box office,” Bely addressed his loyal fans.

In the comments, he admitted that he was removed from the production because he did not have time to learn the language.

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