Актер Александр Мохов впервые показал младшего сына The actor came out heir to. In the program “the Secret to a million” Alexander Mokhov told later how fatherhood has changed his life. According to the man, now all his thoughts takes care of little Matthew.
Актер Александр Мохов впервые показал младшего сына

Star of TV series “Two fates” and “Thunder” Alexander Mokhov rarely pleases fans with details of his personal life. He is happily married to actress Irina gardener who was younger than 54-year-old man more than a quarter of a century. In 2016, the young bride gave the actor son Matthew, and doting father in all ways tried to protect the boy from the excessive attention.

However, in the program “the Secret to a million” Mokhov decided to show heir. The man hastened to explain that she hid Matthew’s for his own good.

“We decided to show son due to the fact that baptized him. Now he’s protected. You know, I get incredible pleasure from fatherhood. If you miss it, I’m a complete idiot. I just do not want to share this happiness with anyone,” said the man.
Актер Александр Мохов впервые показал младшего сына

According to Alexander, the youngest heir pleases him every minute. The boy began to talk, he loves to study the pictures and is interested in developing games. Man tries to spend every minute with his wife and son. Spouse Mokhov calls his greatest luck, because in this relationship he found absolute happiness.

“I’ve never had so much joy, how much for the years spent beside Irina. And the son — is generally a separate topic of conversation. If I leave the room, as he runs forward, grabs your finger, pulls me somewhere to play. It’s just an amazing feeling,” – shared his feelings Mokhov.
Актер Александр Мохов впервые показал младшего сына

Even a large difference in age is no obstacle to Alexander and Irina. They are able to easily find a common language, the lovers share the same views on all issues. That is why in the house of the actor there is an absolute idyll.

Man admits that initially didn’t want to marry a young lady. At the time, he was twice married, and both attempts to build a family was a complete failure. However, the feelings for Irina proved too strong, and therefore Mokhov proposed.

The parents of a young woman immediately took son-in-law. Now Alexander gets on well with the mother and constantly staying in her house. By the way, the difference in age Mokhov and mom Irina is only three years.

The actor answered honestly to all the tricky questions Lera Kudryavtseva, but at the end of the program still refused to reveal his biggest secret.