Actor Alexander Kulikov died in the plane crash

Актер Александр Куликов разбился в авиакатастрофе The man’s body was found 150 metres from the crash site. Alexander Kulikov, together with his assistant flew in Belogorsk. In the helicopter was only three people, including the pilot. None of the passengers survived.

      Актер Александр Куликов разбился в авиакатастрофе

      This morning it became known about the crash of a private helicopter in the Crimea, in the city district of Alushta. Presumably passengers flew from Yalta to Moscow, but the ship crashed near the highway Simferopol – Alushta. Despite the fact that the helicopter crashed, there was no fire. It was initially reported that two people died – a man and a woman, who received injuries incompatible with life. Soon close to the wreck found the body of the third passenger. Initially it was suggested that this pilot, however, the investigation revealed that a third victim of the crash of the aircraft is an actor and producer Aleksandr Kulikov.

      The actor known for such films as “Jarhead,” “Astronaut,” “to Be or not to be”. Also the man was a film producer and screenwriter. Viewers remember his work “the Martian”, “Viy 3D”, in which he acted as producer.

      It is known that the crashed helicopter belongs to the company “Heli-Crimea”, which deals with transportation on the Peninsula. It is reported that the flight was authorized by the Federal air transport Agency. Now the investigation in which course the reasons of wreck of the vessel. Now become well-known personalities who were with the actor in the helicopter pilot’s name was Plato, woman, Maria Suslova was the assistant of Alexander Kulikov. Despite the fact that the aircraft crashed near the village of Grape, no other victims and destructions.

      Alexander Kulikov was not only filmmaking, but also paid great attention to charity. “This kind of demand coming from the depths of the soul, from the heart. It’s the ability to be indifferent, the ability to take responsibility for those of us who need you. For 15 years, on the basis of Russian maternity hospitals my author program “Cradle”. Her goal is to make it so that medical personnel have struggled for expectant mothers and children. During the program operation only in one hospital were born more than 45 thousand children,” wrote the man on his personal website.