Action Olga Buzova shared the Seeds Slepakova life into “before” and “after”

Поступок Ольги Бузовой разделил жизнь Семена Слепакова на «до» и «после»
The wife of the showman is aware of everything that happened.

Filming the show “Where is the logic?”

Photo: facebook Seeds Slepakova

After two stars of TNT, the artist and Olga
Buzova, met on the set of the show “Where is the logic?”, in the life of a showman
began to occur incredible things.

“Yesterday was photographed with Olga Buzova, and she said
me in your Instagram.
On my account, immediately began to sign up people. A wrote: “Simon! You
see how much you have new subscribers? This is because you said Buzova!
You know what happened in your life? Do you realize the extent of his
luck? Understand. Realize,” — said Semyon and dedicated to Olga verse.


I was like f***about on the frame,

Like a car without a body

And here’s me on Instagram

Said Olga Buzova!


Remember how I was embarrassed

I’m going to be a heavy burden

And pronounce afraid

The words “mark me, Buzova!”


But I have overcome doubt

Decided to die, so with music!

Ten seconds of humiliation,

I noted Buzova!


What I did, my friends,

Not sorry at all

All life changes at once,

When you said Olga.


It’s like changing the format

How to touch the Holy relics,

As on the palms of the stigmata,

As praise from a mother-in-law.


Direct your covered Breasts

The students of the Russian Universities,

That’s what happens with lyudyami

Which said Buzova.


Come home — wife

Holiday made dinner!

Know already she —

Joy happened to her husband,


It would seem that Buzova — Baba

But jealousy is not a gram,

My wife understands — it is necessary

Husband to Instagram.


Jumps and laughs,

Kisses bald crown,

And even wants to have sex,

For the first time in a long time.


The policeman stopped,

But strictly said partner:

Petrovich, what are you, a moron?

Said His guy!


In the restaurant “Tanuki”

The rolls were given free,

But before the money, p*Ki,

Though I cried that the star I am.


I am grateful Buzova,

Still, Olga is a fool

And it’s terrible

Hair, face and figure.


For sharpness I’m sorry, Olga,

Just wanted to attract attention I,

To be noted

In your awesome Instagram


And you’re a beautiful woman,

And your hairdo in order,

All this for hype

Hype on and for.