Accountant Zhanna Friske escaped from Russia

Бухгалтер Жанны Фриске сбежала из России

An unexpected turn in the investigation of the missing funds of the charity Fund “Rusfond”, to collect funds for the treatment of the singer Zhanna Friske. Turns out the artist was a personal accountant, which listed assembled in Russia money abroad. Shortly after the death of a child, the woman disappeared in an unknown direction. I suspect that she escaped from Russia and what is now — is unknown.

Lawyer Friske said that the disappearance of an accountant they are very difficult to collect the documents. This information casts doubt on the words of Joan of Vladimir Kopylov that the collection of documents and organizational questions were concerned, they – parents and common-law spouse of the artist Dmitry Shepelev.
Meanwhile, in the court cause the mother of Jeanne Olga Vladimirovna. The reason for this was established fact by the investigators that two weeks before the death of the singer, her mother by proxy zeroed Bank account. We are talking about 21, 6 millions of rubles, whose fate is now unknown. Now the “Rusfond” demands to account for the money spent. In the past month to the risk of losing the apartment, the parents of Jeanne gave some statements that seemed strange to journalists. For example, only one emergency call has exceeded ten thousand, while flights in the United States and is counted in millions.
Recall that Joan died from brain cancer in June 2015 at the age of forty years.