Account of Donald trump in Twitter account blocked

Аккаунт Дональда Трампа в Твиттере заблокировали

On Thursday, the 2nd of November. a former employee of the social network Twitter has blocked the account of U.S. President Donald trump. Thus, a former employee of the state SOC. network, the day of his dismissal, decided to take revenge on employers. Your account has been blocked on 11 minutes, after which it was immediately blocked and started looking for the culprit.

Аккаунт Дональда Трампа в Твиттере заблокировали

Immediately after the return of the account of the President, trump decided to post all of the thoughts on going to him for 11 mine. The first tweet were the plans of the Republicans to cut taxes. In just one hour, he wrote a four-part tweet.

He explained the incident a simple mistake that occurred due to human factor. “Account, @realdonaldtrump was inadvertently disconnected because of an error of an employee of Twitter. Account was disabled for 11 minutes, after which it was restored. We continue to investigate and take steps to ensure this does not happen again, — said in Twitter.

Soon the situation is clarified and employees of the company Twitter explained that this was revenge of a former employee of the state. “We found out that it was made by the employee support services Twitter, which made it to your last day of work”, — said in the explanation of the guide Twitter.

Anybody especially was not upset that the President of the United States may have permanently deleted. During those 11 minutes, the world was nothing interesting, and many users have even come up with jokes for this reason. For example, lawyer David Jolly even advanced person, zablokirovali account of the President, Nobelevskoy peace prize. “I have to say that the employee of Twitter, who covered trump’s account on 11 minutes, could be a candidate for the Nobel peace prize,” wrote Jolly in Twitter.

It is worth Recalling that the excessive activity of the President in social networks is not very pleasing to their users. Many believe that such activity amounts to an obsession. For example, a few days before the inauguration, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users complained about spam, because in their trench all appeared offers to register on the site of Donald trump to get a free ticket to the ceremony. “Imagine you don’t like that 4 days before the inauguration you are willing to pay Facebook in the hope of inviting anyone over 27 years,” said a user with the nickname mah ree nah. “I have every push notification is received the invitation to come to the inauguration,” — complains in the Twitter user under the name Philip Bump

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