Аккаунт Андрея Малахова в «Инстаграме» завоевал бешеную популярность Within a few days the microblog TV presenter and chief editor of the magazine “StarHit” signed by thousands of followers. Star friends Andrey Malakhov advertised a new page, making reposts of his records.

      At the end of last week, the popular social network “Instagram” appeared the account of the presenter and chief editor of the magazine “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. To create a page, pushed his girlfriend Nika Belotserkovskaya. Over the weekend he was signed by about two hundred thousand people.

      “Yooooooo! We did it! Catch Andrew! All Andrei Malakhov in all combinations were subtly used, so @malakhov007 immediately friends!” – wrote a famous blogger in Instagram.

      Many of his colleagues supported him and shared in its pages the news that he now has in the vast popular social network. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and CEO, “Hearst Shkulev Media” Natalia shkuleva announced that now users can watch events from the life of Andrew by subscribing to his account.

      At the moment, the rest Malakhov with his wife Natalia in Saint-Tropez, where the sun puts frames. In the account of the showman, appeared hot video, seeing that subscribers could appreciate his muscular back. Friends and colleagues of Andrew enthusiastically responded to this video, making a repost on their pages.

      “You said, let’s not be fancy, and take off your jacket and into the shower! All said, needs to see the breadth of the beauty of the male bottomless soul that is not so noticeable in the air”, signed movie Nika Belotserkovskaya, which also lies on the Mediterranean coast.

      Users microblogging enthusiastically responded to the video Malakhov, TV presenter and covered with compliments. But the real furore was caused by the chief editor of “StarHit” with a bouquet of white flowers, taken during a sea trip on the yacht. “Very beautiful and brutal man!” “Andrew, you are fantastic!”, “Wow! A sports Malakhov!”, “Andrew, do you have elegant hands. Never thought under clothing so you have a great body!”, – left laudatory comments women who subscribe to the account of the presenter.

      Earlier photos with Andrey Malakhov can be seen only in the pages of his friends, in accounts assists with his participation, as well as in the microblog his wife Natalia Shkuleva. His impressions of the event or meeting with well-known journalist shared, usually on Twitter, broadcast television and on the pages of the magazine “StarHit”. To the delight of fans Malakhov, the latest news in his life now will be available through the social network. However, some followers immediately told Andrew that he could face criticism. “Instagram” – an insidious thing. You have to be ready to stream of praise, and blatant rudeness,” warned the leading users of microblogging.

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