According to insiders, Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux weren’t married

По словам инсайдеров, Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру не были женаты

In the network there is an active discussion of divorce 49-year-old Jennifer aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux, but it turns out the marriage wasn’t there. Journalists portal TMZ learned from sources familiar with the matter, that official registration was not.

По словам инсайдеров, Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру не были женаты

The reporters conducted their own investigation, and contacted the court of the County of Los Angeles and looked through all the documents until 2010. It turned out, the license required for marriage, aniston and Theroux did not get. Without such a license, the marriage register is not possible, what conclusions can be drawn: the wedding was just a celebration for couples and families, but legally the marriage is not concluded.

In any case, the information is still not confirmed. A marriage license, the couple could obtain in any of the courts of the 57 districts. It is not excluded that important document just classified. despite this, insiders stand your ground and say that no marriage was not. “Everybody has long been aware that by law they’re not married,” the source said to TMZ.

While it is not proven, the network is an active investigation into the divorce of actors. For example, it has recently been nominated one of the reasons for the event. According to sources, it became too close friendship with the wife aniston the 49-year-old actress Naomi watts. According to insiders, Jennifer was very upset when last year found online photo, which depicts her husband, cuddling and all lovey-dovey with watts at an event in new York in January of last year.

These arms the actress seemed not to be so friendly, especially suspicious communication seemed to Jennifer for the reason that watts then broke up with her lover Levon Schreiber. But, as then explained to the wife Theroux, it was just a friendly hug, because actors associated 16 years of friendship. The truth about his Affairs and infidelity in Hollywood, there were many rumors, so it’s possible that aniston is not believed. It was then, according to insiders, the couple ceased to live together.

По словам инсайдеров, Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру не были женаты

Recently it became known that Jennifer aniston tried to save their marriage with a joint trip with the friends. The former friends star couple Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux, actor Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka told how they saved their marriage.

The couple asked their friends go with them to relax in Mexico. As they say Jason and Amanda, Jennifer accepted the offer as a great way to establish a relationship in her marriage. “But the trip to Mexico just placed all points over i: when Jen and Justin got home, the first thing they filed for divorce,” say the insiders.