Abuser Olga Buzova from the Comedy Club trying to resolve the conflict

Обидчик Ольги Бузовой из Comedy Club пытается уладить конфликт Andrey Skorokhod sure that it is not necessary to go to court. The man said that he do not quarrel with Olga Buzova and her numerous fans, overwhelmed with the negative comments man. The artist did not hesitate in expressions, expresses their opinion.
Обидчик Ольги Бузовой из Comedy Club пытается уладить конфликт

February 23, Olga Buzova became the centre of another scandal. One of the residents of Comedy Club Andrey Skorokhod posted on Instagram offensive post, in which he insulted the presenter is out of his stage image, redneck-rapper Gibati. The comedian compared the she monster from the movie “Predator”. Also the man wrote a few reviews for those fans of the young singer.

This situation angered Buzova. She stressed that he would submit to the court and will not allow anyone to offend her fans. The star stood Timur Batrutdinov, who promised to investigate the situation. Soon after he Skorokhod rail to rectify the situation, without bringing the matter to litigation in the legal plane.

“I want to remind everyone the chronology of events: I posted a picture, which someone thought wasn’t funny. I’m not offended Buzova. And the whole conflict I have with crazed pack of Insta-commentators”, – shared his thoughts Andrew.

According to Skorokhod, the first insults sounded from the mouth Buzova. She called the resident of Comedy Club “nedomoganii”, but he is not offended.

Despite the fact that the humorist refuses to continue to develop the conflict, fans of Olga continued to write with his scandalous post derogatory comments.

Olga herself made it clear that it did not intend to retreat. She wants to take the case to the court by protecting yourself in this way and fans from insults.

“While I have no protector, will defend itself, its honor, and its people,” wrote TV presenter under one of the posts.

Despite the fact that Olga was clearly upset with the situation, there were those who accused the girl of insincerity. According to some, the whole scandal could be a planned PR campaign by the TNT channel, where they work both stars.

Now Olga Buzova tries to escape from the showdown. She posts photos and videos, or otherwise associated with its business activity. Earlier, the actress admitted that it is very often abused, but the girl long not pay attention to sharp remarks, she does what he likes and succeeds in all interest areas. The only thing the TV presenter can’t forgive the haters, so it’s offensive to the fans. Aspiring singer cherishes the love of the fans, so we are ready in all ways to protect them.