Abraham Russo has decided not to divorce

Авраам Руссо передумал разводиться The singer is going to solve the problems and keep the family together. Abraham Russo came to the wife of Morell to discuss the situation. For several months the wife of the artist never lost the hope that they will be able to reconcile.

Last week singer Avraam Russo returned from Los Angeles where she spent several days with his daughters – 10-year-old Emanuella and 3-year-old Ave Maria. Also for the first time after the scandal actor was found with his wife Morelos. Avraam Russo is preparing to divorce

In the autumn of Rousseau had suddenly announced his intention to divorce his wife after 12 years of marriage. For women it came as a surprise – she had accused her husband of betrayal, infidelity, fraud.

“Now we Moreley sat down at the negotiating table. I realized that I didn’t want the divorce – says “StarHit” Abraham. – Of course, disagreements and problems have a lot, but all solved. Two days I spent with the girls. Finally for a long time quietly walked around town, had dinner, I played for hours with them in our home. They deserve a normal family”.

For several months, Morel was hoping that the husband realizes what a mistake will do, if he will destroy his family. Abraham has always said that he is a believer, but because the wife was in doubt whether to take seriously his intention to divorce. Wife of Abraham Russo calls him child support through the court

“I ask God to Abraham woke up, realized what he was doing. I sincerely believe that he was just confused, and I hope that as a man he will find the strength and will correct the situation in which he found himself and which drew the people close to him, and made it all public. I pray for it every day, not for themselves but for their children,” Morel wrote in the microblog.

Also the woman told me that learned about the desire of a spouse to terminate the marriage on talk shows. She couldn’t believe that the person has not found the strength to talk to her personally, and decided to announce to the entire country about his decision. Moreover, Morel was worried due to the fact that children are suffering – at some time singer has ceased to communicate with them. The girls were crying and scared that dad no longer loves them.