Авраам Руссо и его супруга передумали разводиться
A few days ago, popular singer Avraam Russo flew to new York, where his wife Morel and children.

Авраам Руссо и его супруга передумали разводиться

Last summer, between spouses there was a serious conflict, they had already prepared the divorce papers. But now the passion subsided a bit, and the couple decided to give their family a second chance.

Авраам Руссо и его супруга передумали разводиться

“Now I’m in America, at home, – told the “StarHit” Abraham. – Rushed to the family, which is very long. In addition, I have scheduled a few speeches. We could easily communicate with Morelos, constantly talking about what happened between us, I spend all day with my daughters. The eldest, 11-year-old Emanuella, goes to school, sometimes I bring her there, the youngest, 3-year-old Ave Maria, will soon be going to kindergarten, but still small. I hope that the worst is behind us, and we managed to keep the peace. We Moreley a lot together, we’ve got great kids, we are connected and United. God willing, everything will be fine”.

Recall that the couple have been married for over 12 years and even held a wedding ceremony. Morel believes that her husband was just confused and for the children are ready to forgive him.

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