About Elena Yakovleva write lots of lies

О Елене Яковлевой пишут много неправды
Elena Yakovleva is a very popular Russian actress that the audience loves for his roles in numerous films and TV series.

О Елене Яковлевой пишут много неправды

But Elena herself admits that the press write about it a lot of lies, virtually her entire biography is distorted, and she was tired of fighting it.

О Елене Яковлевой пишут много неправды

“There’s a lot of inaccuracies, starting from where I was born, and ending with the fact that he was doing. The only thing that somehow never wrong is the date of my birth. In addition to the interviews I gave, I was even credited with the films in which I starred. Sometimes I think: “Think of something interesting to at least I was interested to read” – says Yakovlev.

Helena readily agrees to take in the series, although carefully reads the script before you give consent.

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