About 300 residents of Penza will appear in the clip Pavel Volya

Около 300 пензенцев снимутся в клипе Павла Воли

On April 22 in Penza will be shooting the video for the song Pavel Volya “World”. The proposal fans asked Paul who Will.

On the official website of our famous countryman appeal: “With you clip, I – advertising. I see that a lot of talented people. Will help them to develop. But they will help to find the songs video. In short, gentlemen Directors! Take my songs and bring your wildest and craziest ideas, shoot friends, favorite cars, cool locations, strange images… I do not need to shoot! Don’t even plan! I don’t need clips! These clips need you!” – he wrote.

It is known that in mass shooting will be attended by about 300 people. Everyone is welcome to come on April 22, on the square near Penza regional Philharmonic society. Video premiere is scheduled for may 1. It will be posted online, and Shantel promised to share them on their own on their channels. To Penza it will be a real debut, because people around the world will be able to see our hometown.

You may need additional shooting. It is planned that they will be held at the Central street of Penza – Moscow, which loved to stroll our star fellow countryman in his youth. Will be involved and a suspension bridge. Thus, the clip will shoot a total of two days.

Recall that the video for the new song will be not the only one, where is the hometown of the artist. The song “Penza city” was greeted countrymen to cheer.

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