Аборт и смерть пасынка: Ольга Дроздова расплачивается за грехи The wife of Dmitry Pevtsov admitted that in his youth had an abortion. Due to the reckless act of an actress for a long time could not get pregnant. According to Olga Drozdova, because the birth of a son, Elisha believes she begged.
Аборт и смерть пасынка: Ольга Дроздова расплачивается за грехи

Olga Drozdova few decades is one of the best Russian Actresses. Almost 30 years she was married to the equally famous actor – Dmitry Pevtsov. The star couple is growing the only son of Elijah and both parents soul is not chayat in the boy. The reason for that is the serious test prior to his birth.

Singers became the second husband Drozdova, before this marriage she was married to actor Alexander S. Borovikov. As said Olga, the mother-in-law literally from the first sight I hated aspiring actress – a woman believed that a country girl from the Primorsky Krai went down the aisle with her son because of the inheritance and residence.

Аборт и смерть пасынка: Ольга Дроздова расплачивается за грехи

Dmitry Pevtsov Olga met only a few years after her first marriage. Before him, according to her, she bathed in the attention of numerous admirers, among whom was a very wealthy and influential men.

But in 1992, Olga was invited to play one of the leading roles in the movie “walk on the scaffold”, where destiny brought her with Pevtsov. In the program “the Destiny of man” Drozdov for the first time admitted that in his youth made a lot of mistakes that we paid too high a price. For fifteen years she wanted to get pregnant and give birth to her beloved child but could not – such was the price paid for the abortion made in his youth.

“I know why. Now I’m a Church-going man. We were both healthy, but nothing came out. Just girls are young, especially my worship, sinned by abortion. I now say to his pupils: “do you Want? Give birth!”. And then it was scary, banned in all institutions. I made that mistake. And today I will not allow it, I’m a staunch opponent of contraception, which disfigure the body of the maiden. Years later I realized that I was paying for it, and then God in advance gave me such an angel like Elisha,” shared Olga.
Аборт и смерть пасынка: Ольга Дроздова расплачивается за грехи

Olga is also the first time admitted that despite the strong feelings and passion with Dimitri, when she found out that he has a son Daniel from his first marriage, decided to break their relationship.

“When I found out that he has a child – wanted to throw him from himself, that he was with his son. And he said he should be with his mother. I answered him: “That’s wrong!”. Then I would not have him, I was brought up that for me it was nonsense,” said Olga.
Аборт и смерть пасынка: Ольга Дроздова расплачивается за грехи

Later, the actress adopted stepson as my own. Therefore, his death in 2012 was a real blow for both Dmitry and Olga Daniel was only 22 years old, when during a party with friends he fell from the balcony.

“We lost everything, we are all in trouble then. I tried Dima just to get away, and in fact, the President has lost, and needs a bit of a steal. I did, stole it from Moscow for two or three weeks,” admitted Drozdov.

7 Aug 2007 Pevtsov and Drozdova was born long-awaited son Elisha. From an early age, the boy’s parents try to give him the best – he successfully engaged in music and visiting theatres. Drozdov now recognized that, despite the young age of the heir, is already experiencing due to the fact that one day I will have to let him go free.