Вдова Абдулова не устает поражаться сходству дочери со знаменитым отцом
Since the death of the artist ten years have passed.

Alexander Abdulov, Eugene Abdulov

ten years, as there was a talented
actor Alexander Abdulov. A day
death, the memory of the artist honored his
close friends, visiting the tomb of Alexander.
Day on Central Avenue Vagankovsky
cemetery fans and friends Abdulov brought flowers and, of course, everyone said a few warm words. Visited Abdulov and his widow Julia,
got to the monument a bouquet of yellow
roses. These flowers actor gave
Julia, when she’s a little more than ten years
ago was discharged from the hospital with his
the only daughter, Eugenia.

Now My Wife
for ten years, and the incredible similarity
girls with daddy fans don’t get tired
marvel. On your personal page in
social networks Julia is a frequent author of
two photos: Abdulova in his youth
and Zhenya to its subscribers once again could
marvel at how similar father and
daughter. Friends of the family say that
Eugene recalls his father not only outwardly,
but also in nature. It grows very
an artistic child: constantly
invent some history.

In the spirit
time the girl even a while
was the new — filmed scenes
for your own YouTube channel. When
this girl is not the star.
She certainly knows who was her father,
but not flaunts it on every street corner
says that it is not just
the namesake of a famous actor.