Брошенный отец Алексея Куличкова требует у сына купить ему жилье A relative of the presenter is considered to be homeless. Alex met with Nikolai Ignatievich, who is wandering in the dumps. One family tried to finally clear up all disputed issues.
Брошенный отец Алексея Куличкова требует у сына купить ему жилье

Lead is known for a few years ago the program “the Taxi” Alexey Kulichkov doesn’t communicate with his father. Their last meeting took place three years ago. As told the TV reporter, he introduced a relative with their grandchildren. We know that now Nicholas Kulichkov live like a bum. Alex never forgave my father a grudge. In his childhood, dad often drank and beat his mother. In the program “actually” made a check of both relatives lie detector.

Alex and Nicholas greeted each other peacefully. Kulichkov, Sr. were cheerful, though, and used a stick while walking. He openly stated that he wants to receive from the son.

“I need shelter, a warm toilet. I’m tired of waiting. He is obliged”, – said Nikolai Ignatievich.
Брошенный отец Алексея Куличкова требует у сына купить ему жилье

According to the presenter, you don’t have the finances to purchase a house. Have Kulichkova has a house that can be sold, but not yet found a buyer. Housing is in poor condition.

“There are financial circumstances. I have no way now to buy him an apartment,” – said Alexey.

In recognition of the entertainer who he had not seen father since I was 17. Nevertheless, information about it reached his ears. Kulichkov knew that a relative was in prison and drinking.

Nicholas was in prison. He was convicted under article 111 of the criminal code for “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”. The victim died after receiving serious injuries. Kulichkov, Sr. did not deny that a little lying during the interrogation.

Answering questions of experts, relatives of Nikolai Ignatievich remembered his cruelty. “He was a lousy father,” – says Alexey.

In the Studio there was also the sister of TV host, Elena. She confirmed that Nikolai Ignatievich was sometimes harsh with them.

Брошенный отец Алексея Куличкова требует у сына купить ему жилье

By the middle of the program, an elderly man began to refuse the words about a warm corner. He just wanted to see their heirs. The experts advised the broadcaster to send my father for medical treatment. Some condemned Kulichkova over behavior.

“You think the millions of us,” retorted Alex.

Nina Fateeva, who had nursed kulikovym by the elder during his stay at the shelter, says that he is seriously ill, and he’s minus a leg due to gangrene. “He can’t walk,” said the woman.

Nikolai Ignatievich insists that the family has purchased a house for him. However, to sell the house, which is located in the area in such condition that the cost of repairs is equal to buying a home, even a small room.