Брошенная в роддоме дочь Серова прошла ДНК-тест Maria Alexandrova told how she lived all these years. She has from birth no one hand. On the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” checked, whether it is a relative of the famous artist.
Брошенная в роддоме дочь Серова прошла ДНК-тест

Broadcast command “Andrey Malakhov. Live” found the supposed daughter of Alexander Serov. Maria Alexandrova was raised in an orphanage. From birth she really is not one of the hand. Serov himself claimed that the child then died, and he and his wife Elena Lebedevoj even buried her.

“I tried to survive in that orphanage” – so Maria began his speech.

According to the girl, she wears prosthesis only in the presence of other people. Alexandrov spent in the orphanage for 11 years. There she was faced with the cruelty of other children who sometimes beaten. Then took her to his family.

“They made me in school, I became a person who began to receive knowledge. Adoptive parents died. Mom and dad no”, – said Masha.
Брошенная в роддоме дочь Серова прошла ДНК-тест

We do not hold grudges on Serov. In her opinion, due to the fact that the child was born with a defect, they didn’t know what to do. Stebeneva could not give birth herself, so she helped the doctor. When the baby was born, she was not shown.

Many of those present in the Studio felt that Mary can indeed be the daughter of Serov, since a similar face shape and eye shape.

Olga Malitskaya, Elena’s sister, for the first time broke the silence.

“She confirmed that she was born a girl. She didn’t have a pen. Alexander was on tour, then came back and we went to visit her in the hospital. Sasha asked me to let her go home. Without a child and signing some papers. On the fifth day this story came to the climax. Sasha calls and insists on the rejection of the child. I called my mom. She called Serov and said, “You can do whatever you want, but I’ll take the baby myself.” He had no legal rights. I really remember how Lena signed in the presence of Serov,” recalled a relative of Stebeneva.
Брошенная в роддоме дочь Серова прошла ДНК-тест

Valentine Arishina, who has a daughter from Serowe, said that talks with his ex-wife Elena. “She’s having a bad period. These days she had hope. She cries, she laughs. Lena has never abandoned his daughter,” shared the woman.

She stebeneva believes that Serov was able to fool her entire family. According to sister Olga, the chief doctor of the hospital where the girl was born, said to Elena about another illness of a child. The employee reported the heart disease.

Christine tiller works, illegitimate daughter of Serov, whose relationship was proved by a DNA test, says that they are very similar with Alexandrova. As admitted by the girl, the singer and apologized to her and not reconnected.

She alleged daughter Maria Serova just wants to know the truth. She now lives with her husband and daughter. According to Alexandrova, her physical disability did not prevent her: she does household chores, cooks, does the shopping.

The Queen Mary announced the results of the DNA test. Serov the research took place when he wanted to establish a relationship with Alice Arising. The biological material was preserved.

“A DNA test for paternity between the alleged father Serov Alexander and the alleged daughter Maria is 0%,” – said the expert.

According to Alexandrova, she did not upset. Some felt we should have a DNA study between Maria and Elena Lebedevoj. Previously, Serov expressed version: Elena could fatten the baby.