Aaron Taylor Johnson wants to leave the movies for paternity

Аарон Тейлор Джонсон хочет уйти из кино ради отцовства

Actor Aaron Taylor Johnson not often appear on the screen as I would like to his fans. The latter, who managed to persuade the actor to star in a movie, was Tom Ford. It was a Thriller, “Under cover of night”.

The reason for such rare shots is a special graph family that Aaron has developed with his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson. The couple decided that while one of them works, the other must be at home to educate children. It is worth saying that such selectivity has its advantages: the filmography of Taylor-Johnson in recent years, entirely hits — whether “Under cover of night” or Tom Ford’s film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”.

In an interview with reporters Mr Porter, a 26-year-old actor admitted that he is thinking to abandon a career in favor of the family, because being at home it brings much more fun: “I love my quiet life. Especially when you see how half of my friends freaked out, I mean alcohol and drugs — the greatest pleasure in life I feel from him. Even more than acting. I constantly think about how to abandon film in favor of children.” Note that Aaron and his 50-year-old wife are raising four children: “19-year-old Angelica and 12-year-old Jesse, daughters Sam from his first marriage, and their daughters, Wilde and Romy, six and five years.

We will remind, the other day Sam exchanged sixth decade. Husband originally congratulated her on this date.