Aaron Carter was hospitalized after hurtful words groupies

Аарон Картер был госпитализирован после обидных слов поклонницы

Aaron Carter was hospitalized after one of the fans compared him to a skinny body with the body of a person suffering from cancer. On his page on the social network Twitter, the singer said that even ended up in the hospital after the show and posted a photo, which depicted in a wheelchair.

“I’ll be fine” — written by Aaron and promised to make every effort for a little gain weight. Excited fans Carter said that he was pissed off comments one of the spectators who visited his concerts in Syracuse, new York.

Last month, Aaron said in an interview that at the age of nineteen years (ten years ago) he was diagnosed with “hernia of the esophagus”, and in this regard, it is difficult to eat.
“I suffer from a so-called fan, who suggested that I have cancer. It’s a shame. You guys are kidding me. I have already explained the reasons of the thinness,” said Aaron.
We will remind that on may 16, his father passed away Aaron and his brother nick (band member of the Backstreet Boys) Bob. On the same day five years ago, died from a drug overdose and their 25-year-old sister.
“I had the worst week of my life. My father left us, the anniversary of the death of her sister, and even bullying over my body,” complained Carter on his page on Twitter.
I must say that the members make fun of Aaron for the first time. So, one day he said that he is a “white Michael Jackson”. Supposedly the king of pop “has passed the torch to him.” The statements of Carter immediately became a cause of ridicule. In 2011 for “emotional and mental problems,” Aaron was in rehab, I hope this time he will cope on their own.