Aaron Carter got in a fight with Justin Bieber

Аарон Картер поругался с Джастином Бибером

It seems that nothing will make me nervous or make a scene Justin Bieber, because he is now a real family man. This is evident by his recent actions: he doesn’t care about public opinion and even their famous colleagues! Bieber had a fight with Aaron Carter online and kept very decent.

Аарон Картер поругался с Джастином Бибером

By the way, the conflict in a Twitter post ignited a fan of Bieber, who wrote: “I believe that Aaron Carter will never achieve the same success as Justin Bieber”.

If other people don’t pay attention to such “attacks” in his side, Aaron is not one of them. He reacted to the message: “Listen to me. I can’t miss that pass. I have been in this industry since before he was born. I had a hard time, but I always came back. I’m not some Justin Bieber, I’m Aaron Carter. I paved my own path. These children will never be able to achieve the same”.

On this post response found himself Justin. “Aaron, I was your album when I was little. And loved your songs when I was 7. If you need HYIP, I understand,” replied the singer.

The popularity came to Aaron in 2002, when he performed the opening act for the Backstreet Boys in Berlin, which is his brother Nick. After some time, Carter even showed acting skills in a reality show about his family, “House of Carters”. Fame helped star passion, which at the time was Hilary Duffy and Lindsay Lohan.

The reputation of brother Aaron nick Carter recently spotted. Rape charges against the executor nominated American actress and former member of the group Dream Melissa Schumann.

As told by the actress in her personal blog on the Internet, the story began in 2002 during the filming of the movie “Return to sleepy hollow”. The girl was 18 and crankcase 22. He called the actress to his home, where he began inappropriate conduct and persistently to molest her. Melissa would agree to kissing but nothing more. “I told him I didn’t want to continue, but he didn’t listen, he didn’t care,” says the girl. “He took off his pants and asked me to have oral sex with him,” she writes in the microblog.

The girl hurried to tell Carter that she’s still a virgin and going to keep myself for my future husband, but these arguments failed to stop the rapist. “I told him I’m a virgin and saving myself for my future husband. I repeated it again and again. But he only whispered that he could become my husband and raped me,” recalls Melissa.

After the rape, she received a voice message with threats. Then she turned to her Manager who did not help her. He assured the victim from the rape that Carter better not mess with, because he had good connections in court.

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