Aaron Carter broke up with his girlfriend

Аарон Картер расстался со своей девушкой

Singer and actor Aaron Carter broke up with his girlfriend Madison Parker last week, after the recognition of bisexuality. The news was confirmed by the representative of the Carter magazine Peopple.

Аарон Картер расстался со своей девушкой

Representative Aaron said in a statement, “Aaron and Maddison love each other and respect very much. It was a decision of both, and a personal statement of the musician speaks for itself. And now back to music.”

A source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that “broke up for good and they remained friends. Aaron continues to focus all the attention on his personality, with regard to the veracity, health and music.” Maybe the gap with Madison will allow the actor more time to devote to yourself?

Most interestingly, in the past month, Carter admitted to ET that he was going to make Parker offer in the future. “I want to get married. I want to be engaged to my beautiful girl Madison.” Aaron revealed his plans and the coming year. “I want to be a model father, role model, strong role model.”

Despite the desire to be an exemplary father, Carter confirmed that he wants in the future to have children. “Yes, we will have many kids. I want daughters.” — says Aaron. “And boys, too.”

But all plans were thwarted by the recognition of a pop singer in his orientation. In his message on Twitter, Aaron attached a screenshot of the application for records, where he wrote a touching message. In it he said that since 13 years have felt the desire not only to girls but also to boys. “From an early age, I grew up in the entertainment industry and when I was surrounded by 13-year-old, not only girls but also boys started to attract me.” — so the artist decided to announce to the world that from an early age he began to feel attraction to two genders.” After his confession, Carter felt a great relief, because had it 13 years. According to the actor, now it will be much easier to focus on “I”.

Recall that last month, Carter, along with his, now ex, girlfriend, Madison, was arrested for driving under narcotic intoxication. Examination confirmed that the actor and his girlfriend were under the influence of marijuana.

Carter met with Madison Parker on instagram. The girl offered the actor a photo shoot. They met, talked and saw each other as kindred spirits. “I immediately realized that she had the kindest heart in the world.” Parker tells journalists of the edition and Entertainment Tonight. “There were many people who did not understand or even tried to understand or spend time in order to understand.”