A young widow of Dmitry Marjanova accused of greed

Молодую вдову Дмитрия Марьянова обвинили в корысти
Irina Lobacheva insists fault Xenia BIK in the death of the actor.

Dmitry Maryanov and Xenia

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Irina Lobacheva, ex-wife of Dmitry Marjanova, continues to insist that Ksenia BIC somehow could “contribute” to the early departure of actor. It does not exclude that the young artist’s wife allegedly had an axe to grind to take possession of his property. It is known that Irina is very adamantly argued against Ksenia immediately after the death Maryanova. Her recent statement in the show “live” with Andrey Malakhov became just another confirmation of this fact.

“It’s my guess and my opinion. Arriving in Moscow a lot of people to earn money. Therefore, our people remain unemployed. And those who come prey on us under false pretenses. I mean that there most likely was present Mercantile history – to seize the property of Dima!” — shared his thoughts Lobacheva. In addition, Irina said that if Dmitry with it, it would not expect such a sad end.

Yesterday there was the official cause of death of the actor. According to the telegram channel Mash, the actor died due to the combination of incompatible drugs. It is reported that a few weeks before the death of the actor abused alcohol. Because of this, it thickens the blood, and he was appointed the thinning means. It was known that Dmitry was diagnosed with thromboembolism, in which medications, blood thinners, are strictly contraindicated. That Maranova thrown a clot, experts associated with the appointment of the above mentioned drugs.