A wounded whale that got stuck in the Khabarovsk region, touched the hearts of thousands of people

Раненый кит, застрявший в Хабаровском крае, тронул сердца тысяч людей On Thursday, a huge animal was trapped in the estuary. Experts suggest that it is trapped because of the swarms of killer whales. The fate of the unfortunate marine mammal bothered many users of social networks.
Раненый кит, застрявший в Хабаровском крае, тронул сердца тысяч людей

Today it became known that the impressive size of bowhead whale (according to some, its length is 13 meters) is stuck in the mouth of the river at low tide. The incident proizshel on the island of Great Shantar in the Khabarovsk territory. At the time of writing the animal remains in the trap.

It is assumed that the whale was in this position because of the swarms of killer whales. Director of the “Conservation the Amur region”, which includes the national Park “shantarsky island”, Vladimir Andronov learned about the incident early in the morning. Information about this appeared on the website of the organization.

“Neither to turn nor to go to the lake, a huge and powerful animal. What to do how to get him back in the sea – is not yet clear. (…) At low tide, when the whale is dead in the water, the authorized officer shall take steps for hydration of the animal, sent fire fighting pump. Voluntarily, perhaps under compulsion from the side of the killer whale, captive whale has generated a lot of interest from tourists caught up in this time and in this place”, – is transmitted in the message.

Later it became known that Keith received minor wounds in two places when he hit the tail on the bottom. Blogger Sergey Dolya, who became one of the eyewitnesses of the incident, shares the latest news about the fate of the animal on social networks. The man is extremely concerned about what is happening with marine mammals, and called the incident a “tragedy.”

“We contacted scientists in Moscow, studying whales, they said that the most important thing is not to pour him water in the blowhole and watering eyes. Periodically we come to the whale on the boat and check its eyes – they are still under water. All are very worried and think about how to save China,” he said.

The Minister of natural resources Sergei Donskoi holds a situation with a whale under his personal control. He told reporters that now considering the return of a marine mammal in a natural habitat. Experts plan to do it during the night tide, which will begin in the coming hours. “Was raised by all forces to save the animal”, – emphasize in a press-Department service.

According to recent reports, the whale stopped moving. Sergey Dolya explains the behavior with fatigue. “Just lies there and sometimes a loud “sigh”, – says the man. When a blogger claimed that the animal was no help, then a few hours later said that Park employees came up to the prisoner and began to pour it.

“Strongly risked his life as the whale started to move and you could kill the tail. Real heroes! Real men!” – does not hide the Percentage of his emotions.

Thousands of Internet users who were touched by the story of the whale, watching what is happening in social networks. At first, they assumed that in the mouth of the river stuck in an adult animal, but the specialist investigating his pictures, said mammal is still very young. “That’s a baby! He’s probably not more than 5-6 meters in length. Although the tail should beware, but of course he can and must help. For this size cub, of course, you can also come and deploy his need”, – quotes the appeal of scientist Sergey Dolya.